Strange weblink behavior

I created an online directory for the local VFW district that displays info about the different posts (military posts, not blog posts). Most of it works fine, but there is sometimes a display issue. If the first post that comes up when the session starts has a website, everything is fine and it displays like this

But if the user calls up a post that does not have a website (which just shows an empty space), then calls up one that does, the displayed URL is shifted up so that only half the characters are visible like this

The only code that affects the weblink is

if rs.Field("Website").StringValue = "" Then lkWebsite.Visible = False lkWebsite.Text = "" lkWebsite.URL = "" Else lkWebsite.Visible = True lkWebsite.Text = rs.Field("Website").StringValue lkWebsite.URL = rs.Field("Website").StringValue end if

I have tried expanding the size of the weblink and not setting the Text and URL values to “”, but nothing seems to work.

STOP THE PRESSES. I have been working with Xojo 2014r3.2 since my subscription ran out earlier this year. Since copy and paste don’t work on any of my Windows machines, I dropped back to 2014r2.1, the last one were they do work to copy the code above. The problem described does not happen in the earlier version.

Instead of using an empty string, use a single space for the text and “javascript:;” for the URL.

Also, have you tried any IDEs from 2015? We did some work on this very early this year and it may be working better.