Strange Save Message

Windows 10 Desktop

After adding an icon to a Bevel Button i get the attached strange save message.

What gives?

what version are you using ?

basically that warning is saying that the project will be saved in a way that will make certain older version NOT open the project jusy as stated

it probably should have said what the minimum version will be set TO but …

basically it will open with the version you have and possibly some older ones but it may not be opened by really old versions
if you dont care about opening in really old versions just click proceed

I’m using 2019 - R. 1.1

I used SaveAs just to play it safe. But I’m definitely not planning on going backwards. Thanks

I have had that same dialog box pop up… On projects that were CREATED with 2019r1.1 and only ever been saved with 2019r1.1!

but if you just open and save an empty project as XML you see the minimum is 2007 r1

when you add an image it updates this to 2015r4

Ok… but the point is… Don’t tell me if the version I am using is the same as the last saved (version=) and is greater than (MinIDEVersion).

If I created and only saved in 2019, and the MinIDEVersion jumps from 2007 to 2015 that really is less troubling than flashing a dialog that make go “Huh?”

Now if I attempted to SAVE in something less that MinIDEVersion… then sure THAT makes sense.

some folks care if the minimum is moved up
esp those that do have to support old OS versions etc
thats why that warning was added at all as doing so could result in that ability to support those old versions of whatever OS no longer possible since the old IDE’s would complain about loading the project

file a bug report about it and see what, if anything, they do
but it wont fix this in old versions so .its kind of moot