strange results returning on HTTPSocket


I have a cgi app running about 3 years the same way…

dim sock as new HTTPSocket dim temp, result As String temp = "<myemail>&login_pass=<<mypassword>" result = sock.Post(temp,5)

and the result, could be “only”:

{“sucesso”:true,“status”:“200”,“mensagem”:“Usuario e senha validados com sucesso.”}
{“sucesso”:false,“status”:“400”,“mensagem”:“Usuario ou senha invalidos para uma conta da eCShop.”}

Doing directly on browser, it’s working as expected.

But running from XOJO (debugging or compiled versions) it returns this:

??301 Moved Permanently????

301 Moved Permanently


Any ideas?

Same MacOS since last cgi working versions: 10.13.4
Same Xojo 2017r3

You may need to setup the User-Agent header.

That url is being redirected. Intercept the response headers to see where, or use Xojo.Net.HTTPSocket which takes care of it automatically for you.


This should be your answer. 302 indicates the resource (url) has been moved to another url