Strange rename problem with GitHub hosted files

After one of the latest changes to iOSLib, I was informed about a problem with one of the demo projects. Xojo – or GitHub? – seems to rename some classes when you drag the library from the main project into a demo project which I recommend (so I don’t have to maintain several iOSLib versions in different projects). I could not verify this on my side; downloading a fresh Zip from GitHub brought me a working copy.

In rare occasions I have experienced the IDE renumbering my classes when I dragged a folder from one project into another, but in this case the “xojo_code” filename extension was added to a few classes. See this picture: Left side: failed drag; right: after successful drag & drop. “AppleTextField” has now an extension, and “AppleSlider” and “AppleSwitch” received a new number.

Any ideas what might be causing this?

P.S.: I could handle this by sending a zipped version. I thought I’d use GitHub so I don’t have to …