Strange Problem

I have a couple of TextFields, when the program is run the data is displayed properly BUT when you mouse over it the data dissapears.

Can anyone help.


have you got code in the window or a canvas that causes it to refresh during a mouse move or mouse enter event?

Fixed it I had texfields sitting on top of each other “Somehow” !!

Fine. Maybe set the thread as answered and use a better post-title next time.



Sorry Michael didn’t know you were the forum Moderator, what post title would have you used !!! and how do I set the thread as answered because nobody answered it, did they !!!

No, i’m not the forum moderator. But i like to see what a post is about when reading the forum overview.

There should be a check-icon to mark the thread as answered. And sure you can use it, also when you post the answer by yourself.

A good thread-title could be: Text disappears on mouseover. Or anything else, what describes your problem.

Don’t get me wrong.