Strange pathname

at the start of my app I am creating data, if none already is there.
Here is the code snippet:

Setup = new folderitem(“SKNV_FreeSetup.rsd”)
msgbox Setup.DisplayPathMBS
if Setup.Exists=FALSE then
dbSetup=new SQLiteDatabase
if dbSetup.CreateDatabaseFile then

At one of my customers the app stops with an exception error in the last line of the code snippet: the database is not created.
Looking for the culprit I put in the MsgBox to display the path.

On the customers Mac (an iMac) the following pathname is shown:


The customer told me that the numbers and letters at the beginning change with every start of the app.
I am quite sure that this path is the reason for NOT creating the database.

My question now is: What could be the reason for this?

Thanks in advance.

Your app is translocated. Check out the forum for similar problems. Is your app signed? Is it notarized? Is the dmg/zip signed? Do you have a translocation check when starting the app?

Oh, and you absolutely should NOT have any database next to the app. That won’t work in Catalina anyways.

I did not know anything about translocation. Knowing it now I could check out the forum for this.
And I found the information I need.
Thanks a lot.

The solution for me is:
Drag the app out of the folder and back in again. Then it works.
My app is download in a zip-file with folders within.

.rsd is an old file type (Real Software Database) used in example in the REALbasic / Real Studio time.

It does not (AFAIK) had a problem per se, but I flag this just in case: it may be time to use a more up-to-date File Extension. Maybe.

This file with .rsd is an Sqlite-Datebase, which is used by some other apps as well.
So it is difficult to change that. But anyway: thanks for this.