Strange IDE Behavior with Loss of Right Click Context Menu

Had a rather strange occurrence happen here this morning with the Xojo IDE. I’m working on a very large program (looking at the Navigator reminds one of the phone book) and as usual was using the right click context menu for copy/paste, duplicate, etc. After I added a number of additional new methods and some event handlers to the program, all of a sudden, clicking the right mouse no longer provides a context menu (matter of fact, it does absolutely nothing!). I can place the cursor over an item in the Navigator and I do get a context menu, but it still won’t actually paste anything that was copied if I select paste. When inside a method or event handler, I do not even get the context menu itself.

I tried closing and reopening Xojo and rebooting the computer … all to no avail. If I go back to the version of the program as it stood yesterday (sans any of the added methods, handlers I made today), everything works fine with right click again … which leads one to believe it has something to do with either program size or number of items used in the program.

Has anyone else seen his behavior before?