Strange Event Behavior

I’m working on a large web app and have hit a snag. I use the KeyDown event in a few key places to do things like check inputs and handle barcode scanner input, but for some reason on Firefox, the KeyDown event doesn’t fire on one page, but only on that page and only in Firefox. I’ve gotten to the point where I’m adding the event handler to every single control on the page and it still does not fire.

In the course of debugging this problem, I noticed that if I tried to access framework/framework.js it does not show the correct file. It only shows this:


I did find that it always references a progress wheel on the offending page in that single line.
In Chrome framework.js displays correctly in the debugger, and in other web apps that I’ve loaded it displays correctly so I’m not sure if this is a problem with my project in and of itself and if that may be causing my problem. Does anyone have any insight?

Guessing, but step might be related to number inputs with the up/down arrows on the right.

Hmm, I’m not using any of those.

Sorry. I may have gotten it mixed up with:

That’s what I had found intially but couldn’t think of how that would apply to a progress wheel or anything I am using in this project.

Reading the framework.js file it looks like the .step() function is called to update the display of a progresswheel.

After removing all progress wheels from the project it seems that the framework.js file is displaying correctly in Firefox’s debugger, but I still can’t get the event to fire.