Strange. DropObject not working on canvas in PagePanel

I created a simple new project to experiment with DropObject with a canvas with it accepting file drops in the open event and code in the drop object event. It works fine.

However, in my real project which has a canvas on a page panel does not trigger at all. I even tried putting the code in the page panel, but dropping it there doesnt work when I drop it on the canvas.

I put the code into the main window and it works fine.

My ultimate goal is to get the file path when a file is dropped on a canvas.

I had something like this - I had an HTMLViewer on one page of a PP which prevented drag/drop on another page. Solved by putting the HTMLViewer as the only control in a ContainerControl, and putting this CC on the PP page.

Put your canvas in a CC and see if that helps. Or, look on all your PP pages and check you don’t have something sitting on one of them which is NOT in a CC.

This canvas sits in a page panel with many panes and many interface elements.It would be a nightmare to rework it. Hmm. Not sure what to do.

You may have to do some experimenting here to see which other PP page is interfering with your canvas one.