Strange ? Did you say strange ?

The holding window, inits Open event, load data from a text file and fill a PopupMenu with them:

a. I put Field 1 and Field 5 of each line into the .AddRow process (this works fine, thank you),
b. I put the whole loaded line into .RowTag (same as above).

I added for debugger viewing the a to e string variables. Conclusion: everything works fine excepted that some TextFields are not filled.

To be short, the code below (In the PopupMenu.Change Event)) works only for some TextFields, not others… and sometimes it works fine.

BTW: when one field is empty (one of the dates fields, usually the end one), nothing is changed into TF_Date_End…

I even suffixed every TextFields with “-A” thru "-D) in the window, before accessing to the PopupMenu: sometimes it works fine (even RadioButtons), sometimes not.

By working fine, I mean: the window interface is filled correctly with the data set in the RogTag.

Omitted are the variables Dim (I forgot to take them, it seems).

Ideas ?

[code]// Get the selected Rwo #
LocRow = PM_Characters.ListIndex

// Get a line from the RowTag
aLine = PM_Characters.RowTag(LocRow)

// Fills the interface using the data in aLine
Dim a As String // To know if the data are correct
Dim b As String
Dim c As String
Dim d As String
Dim e As String

a = NthField(aLine,kTab,1)
b = NthField(aLine,kTab,2)
c = NthField(aLine,kTab,3)
d = NthField(aLine,kTab,4)
e = NthField(aLine,kTab,5)

TF_Char_Name.Text = NthField(aLine,kTab,1)
TF_Date_Start.Text = NthField(aLine,kTab,2)
TF_Date_End.Text = NthField(aLine,kTab,3)
TF_Matrix_Start.Text = NthField(aLine,kTab,4)
// Special Case: the RadioButtons…
ComicKind = NthField(aLine,kTab,5)
If ComicKind = “Daily Strips” Then
RB_Kind_Daily.Value = True
RB_Kind_Sunday.Value = False

ElseIf ComicKind = “Sunday Strips” Then
RB_Kind_Daily.Value = False
RB_Kind_Sunday.Value = True
End If[/code]

After hours of intensibe debug, it happens that I first found a shema in the filled dates, then I found where the error lies:

I had debugging code in the RadioButtons that put a date… since the PopupMenu change the RadioButton setting…


if you use debugging code, do not stop until that debug is finished; else you have to waste your time to search who is working (conspiring against you) in your back…