Strange Container Scroll Bars

Hi All,

Feeling fed up with the scroll bars of containers. Its hard to describe, but if somebody can offer help, please try out my app:

Account ID: 3
User Code: Leo
Password: 999


  1. Press Logo (upper left hand corner)
  2. Press [Property Records]
  3. Press [Res] (upper right hand corner)
  4. Press [Search]
  5. Double click the last record (Stock 1)

On the lower left hand corner, I have a container for contacts information, name and phone nos. There is already a vertical scroll bar for the 1st contact. If you press the buttons on top (remarks, updates, images …) the scroll bars inside the contact container behave very odd, sometimes vertical, sometimes horizontal.

I tried to adjust the size of the area that holds the container didn’t help any. The same problem appears in some other areas also.

Any idea?

That is strange. There’s no obvious changes in the DOM of the container or its children that coincides with the scrollbar shift, either. I’m sure you have ScrollbarsVisible set to “Automatic” in the inspector. What are you shooting for with the scrollbars? It looks like you’ve designed it so the content fits in the container’s area. If that’s the case, just set ScrollbarsVisible property of the container to “Never”.

Yes. The container is just a tiny bit too tall for the space that it’s embedded (88px vs 79px) which causes the vertical scrollbar to appear. When that happens, the width (430px vs 415px) is too wide and a horizontal scrollbar appears making the height even smaller. Try disabling scrollbars for the individual contact items.

Thanks Anthony, disabling the automatic ScollbarsVisible do solve my problem.

@Greg O’Lone , at the beginning I didn’t make the size of the container and and space different. I tried to drag the container to the webdialog or using EmbedWithin (height and width set to the size of the container) still cause the problem. I am not sure if really is my code causing the problem but one interesting thing is without any modification to the code of my app, using full screen (F11) or normal screen, the scroll bars behave differently.