Strange Cache folder mod date…

Earlier today, I noticed a cache modification date change on an application I do not fired for some days (not related to Xojo)… without having an active internet access…
I fired Xojo 22r3 at that time, then I left it after reading its LR (and found what I searched…)

Now (after I left home), I checked and I saw another Cache folder with a modification date (today, after I boot my m1 MacBook Pro).

I checked what’s inside and found a WekKit folder with these folders inside it:

I checked the project last opened date and… it was October 4th…

I suspect something strange here… with an active internet access.

Firefox was the only fired application until now.

BTW: that project does not use nor Web Edition nor HTMLViewer…

Ideas ?

It could be example projects. They’re now online and downloaded as required, allowing them to be updated more frequently. It could be downloading an updated list of available examples at startup. I seriously doubt that it would be doing anything when not even run. I would be seriously against any system from Xojo that worked outside of the IDE to manage these things. I’ve enough problems with Photoshop etc and CCWorkers, without Xojo doing something similar (and I’m not aware of anything like that has been done).

No, this is a project I wrote and I do not accessed today nor in the previous week…

I trashed Chrome when I saw it polling nth time a second… checking if Internet is ON…

I checked 'cause I had an idea, but it was not the case:
What if Xojo check the Recent projects at boot time (if they are here/present/online… ?) No, that project was not in the list of Recents wand why Xojo would do that if I do not click in it… ?

Someone knows something about: “org.otane.xol” ? It have the same contents I found in my project named folder… (WebKit)

Xojo wouldn’t check for your projects, after all where would it check. It might, check for their own example applications, but nothing more than that.

as for org.otane, I’ve no idea. The only reference I’ve been able to find is a town in New Zealand called Otane.

Could that be related to the relatively new menu-bar app called Xol which is mentioned here and here ? If you don’t have that installed then guessing it is not related.

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yes it is from Xol :), xojo doc in menu

it’s me :slight_smile:

@Emile_Schwarz and don’t freak out, the next release will have
as identifier :wink:

Sorry, Ian, Xojo check the recent project when you select one and propose to remove the entry if that project is not found (you may have deleted it or it stay in an off line hard disk/mass storage/cloud, whatever).

It may be that since I downloaded it…

Yes, but that shouldn’t cause internet traffic, and not include a cache location. It should only be checking if the file(s) exist and not updating them in any way.

Yes, but accessing to a file can change its parent folder last modification date…

Averything is possible even with my code, so with code I do not wrote… :wink:

Only if you open it. Pointing a folderitem to it and checking .Exists should not change any dates.