Strange behavior

Since yesterday, I get a strange behavior (one that existed before Xojo):

in the Open dialog, I can only select the FileTypes I asked !

In real Xojo words, I added a new FileType (FT_Graphics), and added 4 separates types (png, bmp, jpg/jpeg and pdf).
I filled… NO, I let empty the MacType / MacCreator and Icon (The used UTIs are… custom, but do not matter here: I removed them and keep the behaviors).

Unlike all other previous FileType set where I was able to select a Text file with a File Type Set build that way, this one really do its job.

It is probably because previously, I set data in the two MacType / MacCreator fields.

I am happy with that (so I am not complaining, just informing)

Nota: I do not install the drag and drop feature (the project is a prototype and may fail).