Strange behavior on 2017r2.1 (Screen Resolution)

… and probably earlier versions

In a project created with 2015r1 where I have a Canvas in a window where I display a company logo (the client’s logo).


Support Hi-DPI: OFF (Default value)

Image dropped in the project:

Width: 150 pixels Height: 150 pixels Resolution: 72 dpi

Canvas size:

Width: 150 pixels Height: 150 pixels

Result when the project was opened with 2017r2.1: the image appears at 75 x 75 (1/4th of the Canvas area !).

BTW: when I move that window from my Retina monitor to my 1920 x 1080 external monitor, the Canvas display correctly my image.

What is your opinion ?

Enable HiDPI and provide x1 and x2 images of the company logo.
Thats the correct way to do this.

Hi Christoph,

This is the way Xojo do that. I will not qualify that.

But: if I put a 150 x 150 image in a 150 x 150 Canvas, I await to get the Canvas fully filled.

Worst, it works fine when I run the project in the IDE.

Now, if I need to upgrade my Xojo to be current, I will follow the rules.

I would say that was a bug. If a project is not HiDPI there should be no need to supply different resolution pictures.
Have you logged a bug?

Not a bug at all

The runtime is drawing the 150 x 150 pixel image on a display that is 2x as dense - so it shows up 1/2 as wide and 1/2 as tall - or 1/4 the size

If HiDPI is OFF, a 150x150 image should fit a 150x150 canvas no matter what type of display it is on. If not, then non-retina apps would not have worked correctly.