Str(CDbl(text)+CDBl(text)) fails when the result is > 100k

I am adding text fields with money values (2 digit decimals)
If the result is < 100k everything works fine

100k the result omits the second digit of the decimals

Is this a known bug?

Str takes a format string like Format does (see
I’d use one here

Thanks Norman, that fixed it
Still strange, that I do not get the full string without Format

From the docs
For real numbers, Str returns 7 decimal places. In most cases, this translates to 7 significant digits. For small numbers (between .01and 0.00001) you do not get 7 significant digits because of truncation. For numbers below 0.00001, Str automatically switches to scientific notation and you then get 7 significant digits.

You might want to use the currency data type anyway.