StoreKitMBS question

I’m trying to improve getting testimonials for the AppStore version of my app. Using

If StoreKitMBS.StoreReviewAvailable Then
End If

Is something supposed to happen in the debugger? I can see the requestReview is done. But absolutely nothing happens. I thought I had tested this before and there was a window where I could enter some stars or so??? Edit: the window shows up BEHIND the app. Can this be fixed?

What does the following from the docs mean?

In addition, you can continue to include a persistent link in the settings or configuration screens of your app that deep-links to your App Store product page. To automatically open a page on which users can write a review in the App Store, append the query parameter action=write-review to your product URL.

Of course, I can do a link to the AppStore page. But I don’t know the result of the simple testimonial with the stars.

What I want to do is like for Microsoft To-Do. They offer to write a testimonial but only after giving stars:

And then


if you call this link from showURL within your application, it will open the app store and provide a dialog for the customer to write a review.

I forgot: Monterey lastest beta, Xojo latest something.

The missing review window was due to my crappy testing. I can see the window now. But I still don’t know how to show the second testimonial window.

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Documentation says it may or may not show a dialog.
Requires iOS 10.14 or newer.

So in debugger you may see nothing.

See screenshot above. Review window now shows up fine. But not on iOS
image. So how do I get the result so that I can show the second review window?

StoreReviewAvailable is true on iOS?

So it may be easier just to use the url and not call requestReview.

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