Stop whinging and support Xojo

I switched to Xojo back in 2017 and used it for several web and desktop projects.
Last year I evaluated some other RAD tools after reading others frustrations here and the delays with Android.
After trying other tools and being beyond frustrated with them, I decided to focus on Xojo and just wait for Android. Xojo was far quicker and less frustrating to use than anything else. Twinned with the support of this community I intend to only use Xojo for the foreseeable future.


You might want to read the comment about constructive criticism.

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In fact I would argue that on today’s monitors, we have plenty of horizontal space, rather than vertical. In fact when viewing/editing a method, the method name / parameters are visible at the top, nicely outside the scrolling area so it does not scroll. What might be nicer yet would be to be able to click a button to make that editable, so that the “Inspector” view became unnecessary.

You (and Xojo, apparently) are ignoring the fact that many people do a lot of coding on laptops. While my Windows PC at work has 3 giant monitors, I do all of my Xojo coding on a 13" MacBook, which I carry with me just about everywhere. If “keeping up with the times” and modernity are the goals, then shouldn’t the “digital nomad” be considered when making design choices?

Screen real estate was never much of an issue with RealStudio, where it was used sensibly. Xojo threw that out the window for a “modern” look, which wastes vast swaths of space for no good reason. I spend half my life resizing stuff to be able to see what I need to see, and the other half closing the Inspector which keeps popping open by itself even though I’ve closed it (bug report filed and verified, but not fixed).


Watch the first 15 seconds of this, maybe Xojo should and stop silencing passionate people? Is Marques a troll for posting this to his 15 million followers, I think not.


So do I.
And I struggle to scroll left and right across a window design, while keeping the properties section wide enough to see.
I do feel the RB IDE was easier to use.

I would argue that on today’s monitors, we have plenty of horizontal space

Thats right up there with ‘everybody has a machine that is no more than 3 years old, nobody uses Windows 7, and all machines have a processor at least as fast as mine’ , which is exactly why software gets slower and bulkier every year.


Fully agree. I think it’s a bit ridiculous how criticizing and attacking some Xojo employees are on this forum, reading through numerous threads, including Geoff. I’m a huge fan of Xojo and been a user since REALbasic 1.0, but they really need to take a cue from other smaller sized companies and let their actual customers speak the truth without having to be so condescending or silencing to them in replies.


Right, so having complained about the first part of my post, how about responding to the second?

Use a big monitor (I use 40") or multi monitor setup with the Inspector in a separate window, then make that whole pane wider to provide enough width. :slight_smile:

But yes, on a 13" laptop screen it is not very user friendly to keep in a narrow pane on the right side.

The people to whom you are referring will never be happy with what Xojo do. The negativity is incessant. Everyone can voice an opinion but when it becomes personal and derogatory then I am in full support of that negativity being removed from the forum.


It wasnt a complaint. Just didnt agree. In terms of responding to the second , seems reasonable, but I’m not the one you need a response from… :wink:

Time to end this before it descends to unpleasantries.

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