Valve is launching it’s Living Room OS: SteamOS -

Although I’ll personally not partake, I think this is a fantastic idea. The idea of a living room PC has intrigued me for ages, but even with Steam Big Pictures and Windows, you still have to deal with the law of leaky abstractions. At some point, maybe even regularly, you’ll need the mouse and/or keyboard. This is a brilliant solution to the problem, and helps you save money, by not needing to by that copy of Windows.

I’ve invested probably close to $3k on my gaming PC, so this isn’t something to appeal to me directly, but I’m a big fan of what it could mean. And, when the streaming kicks in, I’m sure we’ll see an increase of people trying to play Battlefield on controllers, which only makes it easier for me to school them with a mouse and keyboard.

As you can see, it’s a 3 point announcement. SteamOS is just the first point. Something interesting can be coming. They intend to do what Ubuntu didn’t, invade the living room. Let’s see. :slight_smile:

Interesting, right now, after Valve’s announcement, NVidia, a long time non supporter of Linux, announced that will join the community and open their hidden documentation to the developers. Until now, Linux developers created NVidia drivers reverse engineering NVidia Windows Drivers. AMD, on the other side, always helped. One year ago, Linus Torvalds have sent this message to them (don’t play that if you are under 16 years old. :slight_smile: )

16 hours until Valve’s new announcement.

Steam Machines. Beta testing OS and Hardware.