Stay safe

Here in the UK we’ve gone back into a total lockdown once again. No leaving the house unless it’s essential.

I hope worldwide everyone isn’t too affected by the virus, stay safe everyone.

If anyone is feeling lonely or fed up and wants to talk to someone then my message inbox is always open.

Happy New Year.


I’m suffering mental stress, but it is all Xojo-related, and this forum is like a rehabilitation centre for me!

One of the BEST things about living in the UK is the pubs and restaurants, especially in the winter months and, with them all closed, is not giving people the herd-psychiatry we need.

Thanks for looking out for others. It seems all of us will go through this UK experience, but delayed by Var Inevitable As Integer = XXXX months.


In Germany we had a so-called Lockdown-Light (already a semantic madness), followed by a full lock-down (which isn’t really a full one) right now and at least in Bavaria we are not allowed to leave the house from 9 pm to 5 am (with a very few exceptions like walking your dog, or going to work). Today the federal government will decide on an extension of this lockdown (very likely) until at least end of January.

Other than that, we are now fully prepared to vaccinate people, and all processes were designed in the perfect over-engineered German way, only to find out that we are missing vaccines :-), however we have (despite Brexit) successfully adopted the UK variant of SARS-CoV-2 and we are not eagerly waiting to see if it is really using the Xojo Worker Class to spread even more efficiently.


I see your lockdown did just get extended. We’re fully locked down over here in the UK too.

Hope you and yours stay safe Jeannot.


Thank you @Rod_Pascoe … yes extended. And they just exchanged the health minister in Bavaria. Why? Well, they found out that some vaccine was not stored in the right freezer but a beer cooler (no kidding :slight_smile: ). So that’s the Bavarian link to @David_Cox whining about closed pubs in the UK :slight_smile:

On a side note: it was as well confirmed that the UK variant of SARS-CoV-2 made its way to Bavaria, so we will soon sit in the same boat …



The beer cooler was government at its best.


I’m eagerly waiting for the next update of the Bavarian government. Problem in Bavaria: they haven’t change the chip architecture for decades ;-).

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You are truly a blessing. Thank you for reaching out to us all.

I am in the USA, State of Georgia and we need a lockdown.

We have roving packs of teenagers hanging out in groups of like 40-50 individuals - they’re the cool cats with all their powerful cars but I fear they will soon be sick cats with the way COVID is surging. Our ERs have all been on some form of diversion and it is just madness. Yesterday I went out and the only two other vehicles on otherwise empty roads wrecked into each other [facepalm] It’s madness out here.

My own stress comes from litigation (10+ years and I’ve won multiple federal civil cases + was docketed in the Supreme Court at one point) and frustration with being sick with COVID for five weeks going into six.

May the Universe help us all.


We have seen in our news bulletin who is responsible for this irresponsible situation.


And I am dealing with COVID. It is infuriating to have been out of work for five weeks.

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the vaccine is ready to use so we just need to wait until end 2021 :wink:


@MarkusR What will be finished first? Xojo for Android, or full vaccination of Germany? :slight_smile:


That’s where only having the “heart” symbol is definitely wrong for showing my empathy. Get well soon!

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My bet is on Germany.


Google will have a new OS :wink: