Status of internal sqlite-editor?

The internal sqlite editor in xojo is basically not useable cause it doesnt show correct datatypes, index and even default values. In the screenshot you see field-datatype boolean though it’s an integer as you see in Navicat.

Just wanted to add an bug report but already found this one <> still pending and untouched for a year now.
Anything new on this?

Javier is certainly not of this opinion.

He wrote an entry in the LR about dealing with SQLite and takes the internal DB Editor to do that.

Now, why do you need it ?

PS: Boolean (True/False) can be translated to 0/1. 0/1 in that case are not integer.

I am not affected cause I am using Navicat for all my DB. But IMHO it’s a bug when the internal sqlite editor doesn’t show the correct values and datatypes. Better no editor at all than one showing false information. And obviously I was not the first one, who discovered this.

Can you share the CREATE TABLE string from the sqlite_master TABLE ?

Extract from (

[code]3.1. No Separate BOOLEAN Datatype

Unlike most other SQL implementations, SQLite does not have a separate BOOLEAN data type. Instead, TRUE and FALSE are (normally) represented as integers 1 and 0, respectively. This does not seem to cause many problems, as we seldom get complaints about it. But it is important to recognize[/code]

So, NaviCat returns Integer for Boolean and this is (more or less) right or wrong: it depends of your point of view.

Give us a different bug, this one is not one :wink:

[quote=474914:@Emile Schwarz]So, NaviCat returns Integer for Boolean and this is (more or less) right or wrong: it depends of your point of view.

Give us a different bug, this one is not one[/quote]
No, you have it backwards. The column in sqlite is an integer, but Xojo is reporting it as a boolean. Xojo has the bug, not Navicat (nor any of several other sqlite utilities out there).

And if you had bothered to really read the Feedback case, you would see that it’s not just integers to booleans, but doubles are reported as Time! Plus many other problems as pointed out in the feedback case. The db editor (and other sqlite interfaces) in Xojo is completely broken, and Xojo doesn’t care enough about it because they probably don’t ever use it.

Xojo (Geoff) keeps harping about how they want Xojo to be the choice development system for novices and hobbyists, yet they have no idea what these people need. A novice/hobbyist probably has no experience with databases, so their only interaction with one will be with Xojo’s broken db editor. They wouldn’t know not to use Xojo’s db editor but should instead find a capable sqlite editor from elsewhere. When they do look elsewhere, it will probably be for another development system that works correctly, abandoning Xojo completely.

Tomas is correct, Xojo would do better to just remove the db editor instead of leaving it in its current broken state. Otherwise, it will do more harm than good to their “target audience” marketing.

The funny thing is that the documentation even reveals this bug in that an ‘Age’ field defined as Integer is displayed as being of type Boolean:

I’ve recommended for 15 years that people NOT use the Xojo Database Editor. There are free and inexpensive DB tools out there that are superior in every conceivable way to Xojo’s. When I did my video training of the IDE I did a 2 minute video on the DB editor and said, “Don’t use it. Period.” It might be the shortest training video I ever did. :slight_smile:

[quote=475013:@Bob Keeney][/quote]

Then my question is valid: Why on earth is this piece of code inside Xojo IDE?

Marketing bullet point. I know that Xojo has several internal database applications but I highly doubt anyone on the team uses the Editor on a regular basis (hence the bugs you’ve found). As far as I know they also don’t use their reporting engine for anything. In both cases, since they don’t have a need for it to be good it isn’t.

You can also act for better examples in the LR.

Take a look at them and cry.

this bad sql editor made me think loooong ago that realstudio was not something I needed to build custom databases.
I discovered later that I could build with xojo all that I wanted (using another sql editor…)
then discovered the realstudio I looked at had all the things I wanted
this made me loose around 5 years searching for a developpement environment that suited my needs that was already there !