Status of Android

What is the status of the Android support? I have been waiting for this and it always seems to be coming soon. Not a fan of Apple, more of a Windows/Android guy but would like to upgrade to a xojo with Android support.

It looks like is the next thing on the Roadmap:

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Android remains in pre-release testing, although we did switch to weekly builds back in October. Many Xojo Pro users have been helping us test. If this is something you are interested in, you should contact customer support.


Its been a while since I upgraded. I have been waiting for this, but I will wait for the release.

Android was also number 1 on the roadmap nearly two years ago -

As per the warning at the top of the roadmap the order may change and no timescale is given. I was waiting for Android too; however it’s been too long. I remember the hints as part of Black Friday 2017’s sale that Android may be released within the next year and a Pro license included new platforms such as Android.

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Xojo Android is definitely late to the party. If I had not switched to another development tool, I would have lost quite a bit of money by now.

I remain a Xojo supporter, but it has been too long for me.