status bar

Hello everyone

There is a status bar control to incorporate in the main window a desktop application on windows

any comment is a much appreciated


Raul Juarez Pulache

Hi Raul,

If I understand what you’re asking for, search for “TrayItem” in the documentation. It’s available for Windows and Linux.

TrayItem Docs

I think he might be asking about the “status bar” the used to be seen at the bottom of various windows, not in the dock.
a place where filesizes, cursor position etc might be seen for a text editor for example.

Something that in Xojo could easily be duplicated with a container/canvas and a few label controls

Ah yes. In that case, a container with Labels and ImageWells for decoration would get it done.

Something like this made using a Container, 3 ImageWells, and 3 Labels:

I use the one from Jeremie Leroy, works great.

Anthony’s GraffitiSuite for Desktop also contains a very decent statusbar control.

PS: @Tim Jones: Nice appearance on that.

Thanks, sometimes a control can be usurped to do something beyond it’s original design :).

BTW - Here’s the Xojo binary project if you want to see what I did.

Demo StatusBar Container Project

Thank you so much
Tim Jones

With your ideas I was able to design my status bar, I used a container, 3 rectangle and 3 labels


Raul Juarez Pulache

Hi Raul,

It is always my pleasure to share and help.