Statisfaction guarantee?

For a couple of days i have been playing with Xojo for iOS.

I must say i’m very disappointed in the competitors of Xojo. Because Xojo actually did very good.

stop, this is not a topic to complaint…:wink: I’m actually satisfied…

For all i see, it’s even easier then it is using the desktop version or web. This iOS thing is actually Apple worthy.
Documentation is better, IDE works almost perfectly just had it crash once when System.debuglog(“Loop index”) in a loop.
It works so much better i think i have accepted the statisfaction guarantee by not having to use it.

Apple’s tools are awesome too, but it makes it way harder to learn then actually create complex apps.
With Xojo i must say, the speed of coding way faster and much easier to see what you actually code.

Here are my comments:
Now only if we could have some more controls, classes and stuff to make.

Keep doing the good work…:wink:

Regarding your comment about needing more controls and classes:
I have implemented many of the native classes through declares in iOSKit (
Similarly @Ulrich Bogun has implemented many features in his iOSLib (
There are also several other projects in the iOS Declares thread including @Michel Bujardet’s wrapper and various projects by @Antonio Rinaldi.
If you want paid solutions, @Christian Schmitz and @jean-paul devulder have paid classes as well.
Hopefully this helps,

Jason, thanks

I’ve seen this and used them already. It’s amazing how fast moving this community is now.
What i meant was “please don’t leave the controls in the library in so a short list” there are many many more controls in iOS to be used. They could be added by xojo just to have more options for the UI guidelines.

proper library of controls
complete properties and attributes for controls
not needing to rely on tons of declares and 3rd party libraries (free or paid), these should be exception not the rule
implement full compliance with iOS8 (and soon iOS9) [requirement of launch images as an example)
allow option of NOT using Autolayout (and I don’t mean faking it … I mean FRAME and BOUNDS)
implement a sensical way to manage AL (I find this to be the most non-intuitive, fragile concept ever… and I’m not blaming XOJO for this one)

These are my opinons, and are what they are