Starting App


From a windows 10 PC with Xojo 2015r24 :
I created a program that loads midi files (.mid).
On my PC I have set that doubleclicking a .mid file starts the program.

That works fine.
But once the program is opened and I click on another .mid file a new session of the program starts.
I would like to achive that the already opened session loads this file.
Is that possible ?


Yes, it’s possible. The second run of your app will have to detect that it’s already running and then communicate the filename to the already running instance before quitting.

Here’s a simple example project.

Thanks Andrew for your reply.
I will take a look and try it out .


Release Notes 2014r2

IDE: Relocate is only enabled if the item was NOT located when opening the project. It’s not intended to be used as a means to swap classes around in a project.[/quote]