Starting after an update

Good morning.

I’ve been having this issue: Build a new version of a web app. Delete the copy on the server. Ship the new build to the server. Fix the permissions. Get into things from the browser. At this point the app hangs at launching.

If I reboot the server, everything is ok. (I have my own server.)

Any clues?

Much thanks.

Also, should there be a channel for web (different from Xojo cloud)?

The service/daemon needs to stopped before replacing the executable and then started again. How you do that depends on the operating system.

There is a Web channel under Targets.

Thanks. That’s probably the clue I need to figure this out. What’s odd is that it didn’t use to do this.

I have had random problems with this. I am using the Abyss Web Server on Windows with two different servers. When I stop the Website with the Abyss control panel on one server it seems to kill the running EXE. When I do it on the other server generally it does NOT stop. On the second server I kept getting a “Cannot Open on Port xxxx”. After I figured out the EXE was left running and killed it manually with Task Manager it has not happened again.

Linux does not have many “5 mile per hour bumpers” so it will actually let you delete the binary file of a running program without any error message but leave the image running in memory. Normally Windows will NOT let you delete a running program but in my case above it did. Maybe Abyss tried to kill it but somehow an artifact process remained.

In general I try to do “proper” housekeeping by shutting down things before replacing with a new version.

Oh there’s lots of fun things you can do on Unix & Unix like boxes (like Linux) that can cause you a great deal of grief
This is one