Start a Xojo app from another Windows app?

I am sure there are a lot of ways, and for the Mac I could list a few. But I don’t have much Windows experience and now need to have a small Xojo app that simply shows an image that is forwarded to it by another app – in that case FileMaker. What would be an elegant way to start a Xojo app and pass it a picture (probably just the Path to its location on disk) – I guess AppleScript won’t help in that case? :wink:
Thanks a lot!

Off the top of my head is you could pass an argument upon starting of the application.

or put the path of image in a text file and get the xojo app to read the text from that file with the image path

Thank you! So there is no easy inter-app communication or scripting method available? I’d have to start the Xojo helper app frequently from within FM. My ideal picture would be that of a tool that receives some kind of notification when it should be active and that is only quit when the FM app quits too. No way in Windows? Or too complicated?

Isn’t Filemaker itself scriptable on the dark side?

Hehe – yes, a FM script should trigger the Xojo helper app in that case. Good hint, Beatrix, thank you: I’ll look into FM script features – if there’s a “call app” method with a parameter to pass that wouldn’t be my most favored solution but a very quick and working one probably.

one line “.BAT” file and shell?

sounds like a good proposal, Dave, thanks! I’ll just look for my BAT manual before entering the BAT Cave …