Start a Xojo App from a browser?

What I have in mind as a folder and subfolders that contain Windows, MacOS and Linux versions of a Xojo app. In the top level folder there would be an HTML file that’s a nice looking menu screen with an Icon or Icons to choose which version to run. I suspect this might be possible using Javascript. It would be nice of the HMTL/Javascript would detect which OS the browser is running on and just present One Icon for the appropriate OS version of the app.

Has anyone done anything like this or able to recommend a way to do it? It wouldn’t even need to be HTML or Javascript as long as the menu would run on any of the 3 OSs.

Doesn’t have to be javascript. You could mix in some PHP and generate the HTML on the fly. I haven’t looked recently, but there may be a way in PHP to detect what platform it;s running on.

PHP may not be an option here as it would need to be installed and running on the end user’s system. That’s why I was thinking HTML and JS.

Also, while it would be nice to know what system it’s running on, it’s more important to be able to launch the built executable from the local HTML web page in order to give a somewhat attractive menu.

Sorry, but you can’t launch an app well from a file path on the local disk.

You can start the download for the right platform to provide the app to the user.

Or have the application register an URL type and then launch the app by opening an URL related to the application. Like an ftp: URL would open your FTP application.