I was pre registred on Starlink for 1 year. I live in south of France in a very slow internet area. Yesterday I receive an email to enroll in Starlink program.

Does any one have any experience in Starlink?

Thank for feedback.

Is it free while in beta test ?

Their web site is scarse in details (speed between 50 to 150 bps ?)

Prices ?

I’d have it in a heartbeat if I was in a slower internet area. If it gets much quicker I might end up moving over to it anyway. Its a race between FTTP and this in my location.

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I’m in an area where there are not yet enough satellites to provide good coverage. But it looks to be a game changer when enough satellites are available.

Emile: Prices are currently $500 USD for the equipment (which allegedly costs them $1300 USD now but is expected to come down soon), and service is $99 USD / month. But with speeds of 100+Mbps which they think they can improve several fold (if not 2000+) with ping times that are as low as 20-30ms by virtue of using lower orbit satellites so there is less time needed for the signal to travel. It seems there present intent is to keep the pricing at $500USD hardware plus $99USD/month but for that to become a profit center instead of a loss-leader.

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