Standardize format

I’m using Xojo with the option “Apply standardize format after ending line” and it works for:

for i as integer = 0 to 100

and change that to

For i As Integer = 0 To 100

but it doesn’t work with things like:


it stays the same, or: = false

only false change to False

I usually use autocomplete because I save time (like writing .del then TAB to get .DeleteAllRows) so most of my code is standardize but not all because of this.

I can’t find a feedback case with this. Anyone know if there is one?

Use the Autocomplete (Tab) feature.

listbox1.delete<+Tab> will give you Listbox1.DeleteAllRows.

I too like this kind of capitalization.

Thank you Emile, I said that I usually use autocomplete.
I don’t get the same as you with your example:

I get:
the first letter in listbox is not uppercase.

Note: in my original post I tried to say that I usually write listbox1.del then TAB and get listbox1.DeleteAllRows (I omitted listbox1 and only mention .del and .DeleteAllRows)

this is tracked in <> with some duplicates like <>

You certainly are right.

The trick is that I usually have LB or LB_ when more than one Listbox is on the same window. That is why I do not noticed it :wink:


Thank you Emile, I think it is a good idea to have LB, that way after writing 3 or 4 letters autocomplete will help finish the name and will have the correct standardize format. That will do for now. I hope they can fix this in the future because I know there are more important things.

It’s not a bug per-se. Standardize Format really only works on keywords, not method or variable names.