standalone webapp ssl problem


I’m trying to run a webapp with the ssl protocol, I’m trying with the example included in xojo “SSLTest”, I run the executable with the parameter --securport = XXXX, if I access the port not ssl, everything is working properly, if I try to access the ssl port, the browser remains on hold and does not go forward.
the installation is on a vps with debian 9, the interested ports open on the firewall and on the server does not run anything else (apache, php, etc.)
do you know where to investigate?


Have you installed the SSL certificates?


the ssl certificate is in the example folder (/Example Projects/Web/SSL/SSLTest.crt) and I uploaded it in the same folder as the executable.

Massimiliano, the problem with the Sample is that the app is not named SSLTest, so you need to change the name of your app to SSLTest so it is the same as the sample crt to make it work.

Only Xojo Cloud build settings show Application Name as SSLTest, for other platforms you have:

  • Linux: MyApplication
  • Windows: My Application.exe
  • Mac: My Application

So to make it work on my Mac, I have to change ‘My Application’ to ‘SSLTest’, build it and execute as ./SSLTest --secureport=8082 to make it work.

…or change the name of the certificate to match the app. That will work too.

Thank you @Greg O’Lone

One question, can you change the way Xojo open the examples to keep the project name (and the app’s name)?

If I open Xojo, New Project, Examples, Web, SSL, SSLTest the project window instead of saying ‘SSLTest’ it say ‘untitled’, and the app name for Mac it say ‘My Application’ instead of ‘SSLTest’ (some variation of that for Windows and Linux), but if I close Xojo, go to the Examples directory and directly double click SSLTest, then Xojo opens the project titled ‘SSLTest’ and the app name is correct as SSLTest for Mac and the correct name for Windows and Linux.

Is hard for new Xojo users to figure this out. That if I open Xojo first then the SSLTest example, it will report as ‘untitled’ and change the app name, but if I go to the directory where the example is and double click on it, then the project will open as ‘SSLTest’ and the app name will be correct for the example to work.

That’s sounds like a bug. Please file a report about it.

Done, <>

If you need more information or screen captures, just let me know (in case my explanation is not clear enough).

@Greg O’Lone the Feedback Case was closed. Norman say the Examples work this way to avoid overwrites, that makes sense (and it is ok) but still don’t understand why if the example’s App Name is SSLTest change to ‘My Application’

Can’t you make it open the same way to avoid overwrite but keep the correct name that is saved in the project?

If you can’t change that, maybe @Paul Lefebvre could change the SSLTest example to put a warning before building, make sure the app name and the certificate name are the same.

For me the idea of the examples is that new user could “just run” them and they work. Having this App Name change is not good for new users trying the Examples for the first time.