Standalone Webapp SSL on Amazon EC2

Hi, I’ve got my app running on the EC2, windows. With valentina DB as well. All good for normal HTTP.

But now I want to secure it. SSL, certificate ???

The EC2 has some certificate things, but only in load balancers and other stuff… For Xojo to run I need it to be in the same folder as the app.

So the question is, how to generate such certificate from the EC2 windows server?

I do need to generate the request from the server it self ?
Or is the request only using the full dns name ( ?

BTW: the London EC2 free windows server is absolutely fantastic from Norway. When the app is up and running it is running a little faster on this than on my mac pro that I use for internal testing.(oh, yes my mac is old. early 2008, and still running. !!! )
I have the valentina DB server running on the same EC2 as the Xojo web app itself, super smooth.

Now I just need to solve the SSL, and a backup solution for syncing files to another local storage, then I’m done.

Any advice ?