Standalone WebApp on Centos 6.8

My VPS was upgraded a few weeks back and since then my existing and quite stable standalone web app stopped working. When I start it is just quits with no error message nor error in system file. I recompiled with latest Xojo and I get the same problem. I tried compiling to 64bit and get an error that a library is required. Sadly I nor my VPS support can find support for Centos 6.8.

Has anyone else has this problem and it there a clear path forward?

Sounds like you are getting an exception that you were not before (like a permission problem) or more likely that the port you are using is now in use by something else.

Xojo apps do work on CentOS 6. Sounds like a specific library may need to be installed. Are you using any plugins that have special library requirements?

There is an older thread about running Xojo apps on CentOS 7. I think some of the info in it would be applicable. Running ldd on the app was helpful for tracking down missing items. I think there might have been some other useful info in that thread, but I haven’t had to do anything on my Linux hosts for some time, so I’ve forgotten pretty much everything needed to get an app running on linux now. I just upload the changed app and restart them now.