Standalone Web Applications running behind a reverse proxy

Intranet access needs.

I got my webapp working behind a proxy. Bit tricky but got there in the end.

Is there a solution for Web 2.0?

In theory, in regards to Web Apps behind a reverse proxy, anything that worked for Web 1.0 should work for Web 2.0. Are you having a specific issue?

CGI is not supported. I wanted the app to sit at:

how can I show a Xojo webapp within an iframe?
are there examples?

is this a solution that can cause any problems, compared to the normal execution of a Xojo webapp?

This is something you would do with HTML. html iframe - Google Search

Yes, things like determining the vanity URL in Xojo code and using the property will not work. There’s really no need to do this, it’s just to have the URL look a specific way.