Standalone web app SSL

I’ve followed the threads on Standalone web app SSL and how to implement. I’m racing to achieve by end of year to coincide with google changes.
All is set up correctly (i believe) ie" myapp.crt indicating secureport etc…except that the certificates I get don’t contain the key types xojo lists in its support pages. I get one giant key which starts with

-----BEGIN PKCS7-----
…around 2000 characters)
-----END PKCS7-----

I’ve even tried pointing to the certificate file in the .crt argument string which I found in other documentation.

Any thoughts…

This is off the top of my head, but I think it wanted a pem format. I believe openssl can convert formats, but I don’t recall working with a PKCS7 format before so I’m not positive.

Well, a quick googling shows several options for conversion so I’d try that.

No, pkcs7 format will not work. It needs to be in PEM format.

thank you both.

I converted to PEM format but still does not work - all seems pretty straight forward but I have no idea what and where the issue maybe…any wise suggestions ?

I converted to PEM from PKCS7. Extracted the primary certificate key, the CA bundle (bunch of keys) and private key to a text file (in that order) and ensured each header/trailer line was cleanly separated. I renamed the file to .crt and made it the same as the application name and located them in the same directory.

I created a .bat file declaring a single command with application name and a few of the arguments like --secureport=nnnn etc.

Run the .bat file - it starts and remains active, but any direct to from within our domain or outside simply says it doesn’t exist.

All seems straight forward, but without errors anywhere I no idea where to start troubleshooting.

There are numerous threads about this very topic :

better use openssl -export for converting your PEM

This may help…

You should also check here for the other command-line options

Thank you all. I nailed it in the end - openssl convert !