Standalone Web App libraries

We have not been able to run a Standalone Web App on our dedicated Linux CentOs 6.9 64 bits server.
I installed all libraries according to the documentation on the “required libraries” page.

The error is “GLIB_2.14 not found”. I did a 32 bit version and uploaded it on the 64 bit server but it still fails. It does not show the error but simply do not work. On another, preconfigured server, I have installed successfully a CGI app, but on this server neither CGI or standalone work.

Where can I find a guide on what to install on this 64 bit OS so our app works?

As noted on the System Requirements page, CentOS 7 is required in order for 64-bit apps to work.

If you want to get a 32-bit app to run on a 64-bit server, then the correct 32-bit libraries need to be installed. There are some example commands for that here:$64-bit-configuration