Standalone vs CGI: Some questions

FWIW, we’ve been using this configuration for the XDC app each year for four years now partially to get the configuration refined. It comes to 10-15 lines of configuration when all is said and done. When we get closer to release, we will talk more about this.

Could Web 2.0 Xojo Cloud allow for automatically stopping and restarting a Standalone app in this situation?

Do you mind sharing the configuration now? We use a combination of Apache/PHP (webservice stuffs, significant traffic) with Xojo web app (UI stuffs) both hosted in same server remotely. Current temporary measure is using the Xojo web app as CGI handled by Apache and running standalone Xojo web app in diffrent ports (7000 and 9000).

However, my workplace network doesnt allow the use of ports other than http and https and in house user mostly has to be contend with the cgi app (slow). Otherwise they have to access using non-office network.

Your assistance will be greatly appreciated.

Except for having a separate binary there’s no good way for us to know the right way to do this on every possible server configuration. While investigating solutions for Xojo Cloud, which is just CentOS 7+, I’ve found several really good ideas already. It’s really going to depend on the configuration of the individual servers.