Standalone SSL: it does not work with multiple instances

Hi all,

I did some tests in standalone SSL.
it works well with a single instance, but with two instances on two different ports, it does not work.

directory 1:
app.exe --secureport=8100

directory 2:
app.exe --secureport=8101
—> error message: “app is shutting down: unable to bind to port 443. port is already in use”.

I tried different configurations, but I get every time quirks.

Of course, the same certificate in each case.

anyone else have this problem?

Xojo 2014 2.1, Windows Standalone

Do both apps have different ports when built?
Don’t think it’s enough to just use different secure ports. The non-secure port might need to be unique to.

I believe Albin is correct in that both the non-secure and secure ports must be different.


[code]directory 1:
app.exe --port=8000 --secureport=8100

directory 2:
app.exe --port=8001 --secureport=8101[/code]

yes, it works, thank you Albin and Frederick!