Standalone Emailer

I used to use Real Basic a while ago and decided to try my hand at some programming again and the perfect opportunity has come up. Starting out new again, so I decided to post this for others to weigh in on before attempting this. I want to create a stand alone program that looks at a database (Access) and will send out an email based on due dates. I basically want this to simply run when my PC is on, it has a list of items due from a database table, and sends out an email based on these due dates as a reminder. Can Xojo do this?


Yes, that is perfectly possible with Xojo!

I would not only encourage you to do this job in Xojo but also to get rid of Access as DBMS. There is a plentora of more robust, open and scaleable DBMS out there. Access an VB6 are so legacy…

Thank you for your speedy replies. What version of Xojo do you suggest? Does the lite version work for this, or do I go with desktop full? On a budget and still hesitant, but ready to try something new with this silly database.

Thanks again!!

Here’s how I would proceed:
1- download Xojo (you can use it for free, just not compile anything without a licence),
2- develop your program
3- based on features used, acquire the appropriate licence.

That said, acquiring a licence strictly based on the currently used features may limit your future developments. I would also give some thought to this topic, in order to future proof my purchase.

Well if budget is a topic, then I would say a Desktop Version should be okay. You need at least ODBC to connect to your Access DB via DSN-ODBC source. If Sqlite is an option to you and you would like to move from Access to sqlite, than Lite could also work for you. I would first try without buying. The IDE is free. Consider the fact you need bunch of plugins too. Einhugur, MBS, BKeeney Shorts just to name the most famous ones… when dealing with mails MBS CURL addon could help you a lot.

and just WHY would he “NEED” these to do a simple SQLite based emailer?
Xojo has everything “built in” to handle all of this…

The only issue I see, is what his ISP would think when it detects bulk email traffic from his account

Ja you are right Dave when talking about simple basic emailer… everything you need is in xojo. I was talking about migration from his legacy access db too. then you at last need somthing like date picker, reports etc. depends on how his access db looks like.

if you want to deal with IMAP accounts, then the chilkat plugin will gain you many times, it is not implemented in xojo.
(but you can do it if you want… there is an simple example here :
for POP mail, everything is in xojo.

Thank you so much for your replies. Much to consider, but excited about this project. And who knows, this might take me further with other projects. Thanks again!