standalone deployment

two questions:

  1. does anyone have experience redirecting standalone applications to specific ports in Windows Server?
    (app 1)
    (app 2)
    how to access both through the only public port 443?
    Note that I have already done this with Apache-CGI, but I failed with IIS as reverse proxy.

  2. is it possible and advisable (not for fun) to use Nginx in Windows Server?
    in this case, can someone help me or suggest any documentation/tutorials?


Hi Giacomo,

I deploy all my standalone web apps using IIS with ARR offloading SSL to IIS and I’m happy to help if you want to PM me.

Thank you, Wayne,
I forgot to specify I was able to use IIS, some time ago, thanks to your precious video tutorial.
I will review what I was able to do; I will contact you later.