Standalone control quandary

I would like to make a stand-alone control that needs the following events in its superclass:
mouse exit
mouse down
mouse up
mouse move
double click
and access to other hidden classes.

I thought a containerControl class in a module would do the trick - but it has no double-click and I don’t seem to be able to add a canvas to a non-UI containerControl.

Perhaps a containerControl with UI - and add a canvas for double click - but I don’t seem to be able to add hidden classes to that, nor can I add that to a module.

Perhaps just a canvas class in a module - but this misses the resize events.

Is there a simple solution I am missing or do I always end up having to port a containerControl (with UI) plus a supporting module?

You can always measure the time between MouseUp events, and if it is less than a given amount, fire your own DoubleClick event.

Ah fixed it. I used a canvas instead of ContainerControl and added a resizing event using the following in the paint event:

Static w,h As Double

If Self.width <> h Or Self.height <> h Then 
End If