Standalone Console License Gone?

I went to look for the pricing to compile Console apps on Desktop, but I don’t see it anywhere. Is it exclusive to Xojo Pro? I believe I used to be able to purchase it by itself?

email and they can answer all the licensing questions for you.

Last announcement on the topic was that is was only part of Xojo Pro… IMO it should be part of Desktop as it used to be, but I don’t think it will happen…

When my individual console license expires next Feb, I won’t buy Pro to get another. If I need to code a console app after that, hopefully that last version my license will be good for will be good enough.

  • Karen

If you have questions about purchasing or renewing a Xojo Console license please email me. We don’t offer single Console licenses in the store but I can still sell them to you if you need one.

Zachary, I’ll respond to you email in just a moment.