stand alone windows 10 Help

I start the windows 10 64bits service and it start no error but when i call the app localhost:8188 it start to run and show init logo but stock on the logo.

if any idea if need like 32lib or no ?

No. Windows 10 x64 supports 64-bit and 32-bit apps without any extra effort on your part.

When apps run as a Service on Windows, they run as a different user and have different permissions than when run as a user (yourself for instance) logged into Windows. Be sure that your app, when run as a Service, has the permissions necessary to access folders, files, SQL server, etc.


I check all permissions and is ok but no works

You can debug this by selecting Project -> run paused, then adding the debug exe as a service and starting it.

thanks wayne

I changed my Remote Debugger to run with Admin rights, so when it launches my app I can test it as if it was running as a Service.

look my problems

The app is probably crashing in App.Open or Session.Open.