Stand Alone Deployment

I searched the archives and didn’t see anything specific to this question. Is there a quick tutorial on how to setup a desktop deployment of the stand-alone web app? I have one that I’d like to run from my desktop as a stand-alone. Clearly I can use the to view it myself, but I’m interested in how I let others have access.


“stand alone” and “allow other to access” are contrictory…

For others to access it , it must reside on a computer with a webserver running on it (Apache, ISS etc), and that IP address (and port) must be available external to that server. If you wish to make it available on on your LAN, that should be easier than on the Internet WAN.

To let others have access on a local network, you can just use the address of the computer on the network with the port, for example:

Also see:

Thanks Paul. I’m on a mac. Is there a preference that I need to change on the computer? When I use my computers ip with port 8080 (which is what the web app is using) it just sits there. It doesn’t open the webpage.

If the Firewall is on (System Preferences->Security and Privacy), then that could prevent the connection. You could try turning the Firewall off to see if that allows the page to display. I’m not familiar with the Firewall settings offhand, but there ought to be a way to exclude the web app from the Firewall in System Preferences.

[quote][/quote] or whatever the actual LAN IP for the computer is, should not be affected by any firewall settings as it is INSIDE the firewall. And any computer OUTSIDE your LAN, could not ever access it via a or IP address anyways, there you need the WAN IP address (which depending on your ISP, could change at any time… if they expire/refresh you lease)

It is correct that perimeter firewall is not an issue, but the local firewall on the individual computer can block access.

On a Mac on a LAN, you can access the debug run from another workstation by simply entering your machine’s IP that you see in the Network control panel.

For instance

Just try it. Chances are it will work right away.