Stand Alone Application Identifier

Does the Application Identifier on a Stand Alone Web App have to be unique?

Why would you not want an identifier to be unique?

I am doing some testing to deploy the same Web App on two different ports running as two different EXE’s with different names (Windows) in two different directories. This is a bit of an attempt to see if this can be effective as a “poor man’s” load balancer. Yes I know they are on the same machine (the only one I have).

I was just trying to standardize how to compile the different instances and thought maybe only changing the EXE file name and port in the compile would be sufficient.

In a CGI Web App having the same Application Identifier does cause problems.

In that kind of a case I might use the identifier to tell me which port it was on.

I’m not an expert on deploying web apps though, so I’d wait for someone else to chime in.

The identifier needs to be unique to each app besides different ports.

Unless I am wrong, standalone or not, desktop or web, the system uses the identifier for its housekeeping in Linux and Unix (macOS). In macOS, an app can be launched by its identifier, instead of the name of the bundle.

It maybe different in Windows, but having different identifiers for each app is still a good idea.

On Windows you can launch the same exe using the --port parameter without problems.

The app identifiers do not need to be unique for standalone apps. They are used to prevent more than one instance if a cgi app from launching at the same time.