StackView Classes UPDATED (macOS & Linux)

@Martin: What ? ? Come on ! Xojo is a multiplatform tool. Hope you make up your mind and give it a try.

Welcome to the joys of paid software.

I work on it.

As far as I can see this is Martin’s first attempt at creating a 3rd party add-on, and with his StackView class he scratches a big itch. Let’s be as supportive and constructive as possible.

Give Martin a break. He made a class he wants to sell. It is according his rules and you cannot ‘demand’ him to make it multi platform. :slight_smile:

Demand? No.
Expect? Maybe.
Ask? Definitely.
Beg? Never!

Thanks for your kind words Maximilian. You are right. I only imagined, that there are some other people, who like to have such a nice Sidebar to. Because I am develope under macOS, Windows was not so important to me. But because of I did only use Xojo Grammar, no third party codes/declares, I thought, it would work also fine on Windows. Now I added some Windows-Targets (EraseBackground = False, DoubleBuffered = True to the Canvas and the ViewContainers). Hope this will reduce the flicker. Maybe there are some Windows Users, who wanna test it. Updated the Xojo DEMO-Project (Perhaps there is now a difference for the Windows-Developer.).
Best regards (and let us be fair please)!

what is the animation suppose to do?? i don’t see any difference on Sierra either

The animation is there (the container slide open) but it is very subtile (read: to fast).

In regards to Beatix’s comment, if you need free hosting space, with no ads and a free SSL certificate, let me know (private message me or email me directly shaosean AT hotmail DOT com)… This goes out to anybody who needs it, or if you just want a download mirror located in North America…

The scrolling seems to be off… I opened the bottom view, resized the window so a few pixels were off the bottom and you can see how much the scroll bar thinks there is to scroll…

I also noticed this.
Another thingy: the scrolling is too slow. I think this should be done with a NSScrollView. This will give inertia and bouncing edges like macOS should have. Now it feels a bit funky/hackie.
Maybe Martin can improve on this. If he manage to get this working (read: native macOS scrolling) the class is for sure very usable.

Hang in there Martin. This is a nice add-on. Even if it were free the feedback given is invaluable in discovering the nuances of cross platform. Everyone wants it to be as good for them as it is now for you :slight_smile:

You are right. My intention was to use it on each platform. But i will look, if there is a way.

Thanks for your feedback Peter.

[quote=344871:@Martin Trippensee]Updated the Xojo DEMO-Project (Perhaps there is now a difference for the Windows-Developer.).
Best regards (and let us be fair please)![/quote]

Hey Martin,

unfortunately the flickering is not gone and it still uses so much CPU all the time.
I think you have to do some deeper changes to your logic.
I guess you’re doing refreshes in a timer all the time even if they are not needed which causes the flickering and the high CPU usage.
But please keep on going ;-).

Hi everyone,

i used this weekend to create a rewrite of my StackView Classes based on your input. I deleted CPU-intensive Timers and Methods and now the classes are working with an Interface (it was a learning session for me, but now i know something new :wink: ). The structure changed a little bit, but look at the self explaining Demo-Project. On my old MacBook Pro 2009 (macOS 10.11.6), 2 GB RAM, the CPU usage is between 4-8% by using the control.
Please feel free to look yourself at the updated StackView Xojo-Demo with a second style example (“Microsoft”).

I would be happy about Feedback of Windows-Users, if the flicker is gone.


Please, could you post an already compiled windows demo ?

Hi, I’m sorry, but don’t have a license for Windows, that’s why I added the Xojo Demo-Project. You can run it by yourself in Debugmode!

This looks much better than the first version. The scrollbar isn’t quite correct, yet.

Thanks. Could you please describe the scenario, the scrollbar will shown incorrect (Screenshot?)?