StackView 1.08 is now available!

Today I released version 1.08 of the StackView classes for Xojo.

This update contains significant internal changes to make StackView ready for API 2.0, so owners of the previous version are recommended to upgrade to the current version 1.08 (they receive the update for free by e-mail). This Version detects automatically, if it should use the classic API 1.0 or the new API 2.0 (Xojo 2019.02 +).

The classes enable a StackView, similar to Apple’s NSStackView, to be used natively across platforms (macOS, Windows, Linux) with the help of ContainerControls. The StackView was tested under macOS 10.13+, Windows 10, Mint 18.2, Fedora 27, Ubuntu 16 and Elementary OS 5.0 Juno. The demo project was optimized for all three platforms. If the project is executed or compiled for Windows, the method PrepareForWindows takes over all adjustments for the controls within the StackView to create a flicker-free version.
Under Linux, the controls of the demo project automatically adapt to the system sizes of the respective distribution.

[h]Version 1.08[/h]

  • [All] The code has been updated to work well with Xojo’s new API 2.0. Earlier Xojo versions use the old API calls.?When you run “Analyze Project” in the Xojo IDE (2019.02), you will receive some warnings for deprecated events. Depending on whether you are running a Xojo version with API 2.0 (Xojo 2019.02 +), the Xojo IDE allows you to independently replace the events with the new events recommended by Xojo. Please note that the StackView sample file can only be opened with Xojo versions 2019.02 + after this point! It is therefore essential that you make a backup copy of your project before you use it!
  • [All] Auto and Text have been deprecated, they have been replaced by Variant and String.
  • [All] Speed optimization of the Observer class (variables are now declared outside of loop calls).
  • [Demo] Added an example in which ViewController communicates with objects via events.
  • [Demo] Updated Demo


The documentation and all information about the StackView are available online at the following link:

[h]How to purchase?[/h]

Just write me a private message at the Xojo Forum ( with your valid e-mail address. I’ll sent you the invoice about 15 € and after purchasing via PayPal you’ll get the unencrypted source code.

Demo project


Note: You must code the macOS DarkMode support yourself.