SSLSocket actual ConnectionType

When creating a SSLSocket, setting ConnectionType = SSLv23 allows encryption protocol negotiation.
If I check ConnectionType after receiving the Connected event, it always returns the set value of SSLv23.

Is there a way to determine the actual protocol being used?

Well this fell on stony ground.

Apparently, in 2017v2, SSLSocket ConnectionTypes SSLv2, SSLv3, SSLv23 were removed. That is what the deprecations/removals page says at But the page: not only still lists SSLv23 but says it is the best to use for allowing encryption protocol negotiation.

Could we have a clarification please? I have a user getting the dread error code: 337056010 and I’d like to change back to using SSLv23 rather than TLSv12 if that is going to help.

The removal page is incorrect about the removal of SSLV23. While badly named, the constant SSLv23 still exists and, as the docs say, negotiates between supported protocols. AFAIK it starts with TLSv1.2 and works backwards until it connects successfully.

Ah, excellent. Thanks very much, Jason. This answer’s my question, although the OP’s question is still outstanding.

To answer the question - no, there’s no way to tell that.

Feature request #51493 was submitted shortly after my initial question.