SSL for Standalone Web Apps on Windows 2012 R2 Server Environment


Sent this same request to Xojo Technical Support who told me to try the forums as he’s not super familiar with configuring web servers (always uses Xojo Cloud for web apps) so I don’t have any solid ideas on this.

Just wondering whether anyone can offer any help into getting our Xojo programs running in our secure https environment. The apps are running on a Windows 2012 R2 server, Apache 2.2, PHP 5.3.1 environment. The Xojo Version being used is 2017 Release 2 which from documentation I’ve read is well after this option became available. The Xojo apps run standalone as windows services.

When running the link I get the error “Secure Connection Failed An error occurred during a connection to PR_CONNECT_RESET_ERROR “ after it flashes saying it is performing a TLS handshake to This is on Firefox. I get similar errors trying other browsers like Google Chrome.

I’ve followed the documentation of the software on how to setup the app to work in an SSL environment - Page Not Found — Xojo documentation but I’m having no luck in getting it working. Have also done some research and tried various other techniques mentioned in the forums and I’m having no luck there either.

From the Xojo document I copied from the required SSL certificate files into the one file app_name.crt - same name as the app with the .crt extension as required.

I checked with the company that setup the ssl certificate for me and they said what I did in creating the app_name.crt.

Everything else on the server runs fine under the secure environment (e.g. PHP) but I just can’t get any of the Xojo apps working.


What version of TLS are you using?

Try it on an older browser if you have one lying around, Firefox are making changes to their browsers all the time and they’re disabling older versions of SSL / TLS. Note that next year TLS 1.1 will be phased out as well.

Assuming you have PCI requirements (or even if you don’t) easier to put an SSL terminator in front of it.

try this

[quote]Each file must start on a new line (don’t concatenate the last line of one file and the first line of another onto the same line). As I mentioned the name of this file should match your web app name, so if your web app is named MyBestApp or MyBestApp.exe, the certificate file should be named MyBestApp.crt.

Note: If you are running in debug mode, the built app will be named MyBestApp.Debug. The certificate should still be named MyBestApp.crt.[/quote]

Thanks everyone for your replies.

I believe it could be related to the version of TLS as we are running an older version of apache. Apache is due for an upgrade over the Xmas period as between now and then is our busiest time where we don’t make any major changes.

Unfortunately I don’t have any access to older browser versions to confirm this.

Will update how this works after the apache upgrade.