SSH Tunnel in Windows APP

Hello, I need to create a SSH Tunnel in my windows desktop app.
Some one have any steps. I try to use the TELNET Class but show me some errrors


The error the system show to me is

WindowPopeyes.Open, line 1
Static reference to instance method: call this on an instance of class TELNET.

For SSH, we have a plugin.

If you are open to using 3rd party apps to accomplish this, you can look into Putty on Windows. I believe it can be used to set up a tunnel - possibly even from the command line so you can just call it from a shell object in your app.

Otherwise, use Christian’s plugin, or you’ll be forced to roll your own SSH client in pure Xojo code… which is a pretty large task.

We’re using PuTTY’s command line tool plink.exe in a Shell.
With SSH connection you can execute commands remotely, or open a tunnel. Refer to the documentation.

a tunnel for mysql goes like this via terminal:

/usr/bin/ssh -L localhost:3307:localhost:3306 -N remoteuser@

and than connect to localhost:3307

Christian do you have an example of creating a tunnel with your plugin?

Sorry, no.

It would be great to have an example. I am also needing to connect using ssh. @Christian Schmitz : would it be possible for you to put here an example of how to use your plugin for ssh connection?

Please try new plugin:

The SSH tunnel for database should now work.