SSH in ios?

This may be stupid question but how to use ssh commands in iPad?, so I could send to raspberry Pi.


If someday there is a plugin SDK for iOS, i could recompile my SSH plugin to run on iOS.

I guess you could do this a different way by exposing a web service or similar that is running on the Pi to accept commands from your app that you would send over to the web service. That way you could run shell commands remotely (and run SSH commands). You’d have to secure that all down though!

how could IOS iPad / iPhone communicate with raspberry Pi ? There should be any way to achieve this.
@Chris Large the way you suggested increases time of execution and if you have other way (without using SSH) is also useful.
I could not use web service because my Pi working with long time process(2 to 3 mins), so It is inconsistent to get response

Do you mean that you send a command and then it takes a long time to process it? If so I don’t really see any difference from creating some form of console application that runs on the pi and listens on a port waiting for commands and then sends the results of those commands back to the app. You could write each commands output that runs to a text file that your app then polls every x amount of time and displays the output on your phone.

Please take what I say with a pinch of salt I’m still a xojo newbie.



you can of course write a proxy app running somewhere. Or your own SSH like thing.
Like an app using ServerSocket on Raspberry Pi and than connect to it with a tcp socket from your iOS app.